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Our History

Mike’s Mini Storage LLC was registered in California on August 16, 2007. It’s owned by DMP Homes, Inc., a local Madera company that has built homes and apartments in Madera and surrounding areas. Mike’s Mini Storage prides itself on having the best security in the area as well as very competitive pricing. It started with only four storage buildings, one office/residence building, and a blueprint for 14 future buildings.

Over the years, Mike’s normally built two additional buildings every two years. When the master plan is completed, there will be 18 buildings in all with many varied sizes available to the public. In times of upheaval, such as the Covid pandemic and a hot real estate market, Mike’s Mini Storage provided the community with good service, safe units, and topnotch customer service.

Currently, Mike’s has 14 buildings onsite, two of which were just completed in November of 2023. The new buildings were well received and are filling up fast. Come and see why so many people prefer Mike’s.

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